~Listen for Charity ~

~Our Mission
I always told myself that if I was ever rich I would donate money to charity. Well I'm not rich, but I have more than what I need to live on. I want to donate $1000 to charity, but don't know which one; So I have decided to let Acoustic Drive Records listeners decide. The Acoustic Drive Featured Artist that has the most song plays for the month of November will decide which charity the money goes to. We will announce which charity they are in for, and that gives you (the listening fan) a chance to support the artist and their chosen charity by playing and sharing their music from Acoustic Drive's playlist.

~The Artist
Every Artist that we have featured on Acoustic Drive has already done a great deal to support the local community. Playing and hosting benefits has become a staple in the local music scene. From playing a show to help raise money for breast cancer and ill or injured children, to wounded warriors and clothing the homeless; this amazing group of people have gone great lengths to use their talent in music to give back to the community. Now is your chance to help them help others, and all you have to do is listen!

~How to Help
Throughout Acoustic Drive you can find a music player. Skip to the artist you want to support the most and your song play will be added to the talley. Click on the 'Artists' below to see which Featured Artist has joined us in our charity campaign, and why they want their chosen charity to win the Acoustic Drive donation. Hyperlinks will send you to other pages with more information on how you can help by volunteering or making a small donation of your own.

Be sure to check out the rest of our page for our other Featured Artists pictures, video, and more. Tell us about the charity you would like to see the donation go to in our guestbook!

Stay tuned as other Artists join us in our ~Listen for Charity~ campaign

Click on an Artist to find out more about their chosen charity.